Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 67, No 3 (2002)

Agrotourism on a Family Farm in Croatia – Prospects for Development -A Case Study

Ramona FRANIĆ, Zoran GRGIĆ

Pages: 131-141


The Republic of Croatia within the policy of its economic development has been stressing the role of tourism as one of the basic directions for almost three decades. By this it is primarily considered the Adriatic coast area, which is justified by the results achieved in tourist activities. The role of rural tourism is especially stressed in the Strategy of Croatian tourism development of the Ministry of tourism, but in question of rural and agrotourism there are some other institutions involved. Ministry of Agriculture in the Strategy of Croatian agricultural development gives the foundation for coordinated activities of agriculture and tourism, while Croatian chambre of economy together with some farmers’ associations develop the model of “tourist family farm”. It is conceived as a small-size economic entity, placed in tourist favored area, offering the original domestic product or service. The tourism within these farms is the additional source of income.
In the paper, the case study tries to show that such combination of economic activities has prospects for success. The family farm from one southern Mediterranean island is engaged in sheep breeding. Business intention of the farm is considerable investment with the purpose of orientation of the total agricultural production toward tourist (catering) services. The farm is going to rebuild the abandoned vineyard and olive-grove in former “social” ownership, as well as the object for grape and olive processing. In the traditional spirit, the family members are planning to give services of vine tasting and offering the traditional home-made meals. Such project satisfies the requirements of both agricultural and tourist development: prevention of the Croatian island depopulation and increasing the farm income by connection of tourist economy with development of crop, fruit, olive and livestock production.


agriculture; rural tourism; agrotourism; environment; farm income; family farm – case study

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