Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 68, No 1 (2003)

Economy of Pumpkin Seed Production at Different Soil Tillage Systems

Stjepan SITO, Zoran GRGIĆ, Josip BARČIĆ, Stjepan IVANČAN, Goran FABIJANIĆ

Pages: 27-32


This paper evaluates application of different soil tillage systems in pumpkin seed production from economic aspect. Four different soil tillage systems were tested in pumpkin seed production, pumpkin variety was Gleissdorf, Austrian origin. Tested systems were: 1. Conventional (plough, discharrow, combined seed-bed implement), 2. Conservation (rotary harrow), 3. No-till (no-till planter), 4. Reduced (plough, combined seed-bed implement). All tested systems are significantly above the limit of economy of production. The best relations between incomes and expenses were achieved at the conventional (A) and reduced tillage (D), after that no-till (C) and conventional (B) tillage.


Economy; soil tillage; pumpkin seed; energy

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