Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 88, No 2 (2023)

Calculation of Economic Weights for Optimization of Breeding Programs in Dairy Farming of Ukraine

Mykhailo MATVIEIEV, Andriy GETYA, Kateryna TUZHYK

Pages: 151-156



The effectiveness of dairy cattle husbandry depends on different factors. All farmers understand the importance of housing conditions and balanced feeding. But in modern agriculture, especially dairy cattle breeding with a high level of competition, the optimization of breeding programs also belongs to important measures which ensure the attractiveness of the branch. Economic weights for selection traits are used to adapt the breeding programs to market conditions. Currently, there are no reasonable economic weights applied for the Ukrainian market, and therefore the purpose of this work was to calculate the economic weights for important selection traits of dairy cattle. The study was conducted on Holstein cows. The main criterion for calculating of economic weights was the annual gross margin from breeding cows. The economic weights were calculated by multiple regression analysis. As a result of calculations, it was established that the economic weight for the trait "protein yield for 305 days of lactation" was 8.27 USD, for the trait "fat yield for 305 days of lactation" was 2.45 USD, for the trait "milk yield for 305 days of lactation" was 0.10 USD, for SCS was -21.39 USD, and for the length of lactation it was -3.51 USD (the average currency rate in them year 2019). It is proposed to apply the calculated economic weights for balancing of selection indexes during the organization of breeding work in Ukraine.



economic weights, breeding, gross margin, regression analysis, Holstein breed

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