Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 68, No 4 (2003)

The Features of the New-type Co-operatives and its Legal Regulation in Hungary

Nikoletta FÁRÓ, Zsuzsanna SLEZÁK, István BARTA, Tibor KISS

Pages: 297-300


In agriculture, a changing in the structure of ownership also appeared in parallel with the changing of the political system. As a result, this process led to the liquidation and reorganisation of the socialist type co-operatives. However, in many cases the cooperatives managed in the traditional way, could not keep up with the changing of the economic regulators, the reorganisation of the market relations and with the more and more oppressive agricultural gap. At the same time, individual farmers - mainly because of their poor material conditions - could not meet the market requirements either in the quantity or the quality of their products. As a consequence of all these factors, a different kind of co-operation was needed. The Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development passed a decree on the support of new-type co-operatives, too, in 1999. The statement of costs supported the establishment of companies dealing with product purchasing, processing, marketing and service. In the following years the support of these co-operatives was sometimes terminated, sometimes preferred.


agriculture; co-operative; Hungary

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