Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 68, No 4 (2003)

Situation Analysis of Organic Food Production with Qualitative Market Research

Viktória SZENTE, Attila MÁTHÉ, János FEJES, Zoltán SZAKÁLY

Pages: 301-305


During past decade the general attitude of the population toward health, nutrition, quality and environment remarkably changed. Consequently ecological farming showed an upswing especially in developed countries. Due to growing demand, government subsidies and other economic advantages the cropping area increased and it will keep its pace in the near future. In Hungary the actors of economy have not fitted themselves to changed conditions. Main problem is the presence of quite a narrow domestic market resulting from a purchasing boom by western trading companies. In our survey the input, production and marketing aspects of organic farming were studied through interviewing farmers being involved into organic farming. results highlight the specific features of production in Hungary, its management relations, production structure and environment protectional considerations. As an overall goal it was set forth to identify the main limiting factors of domestic market growth, define the most marketable products and related companyforms. Producers´ opinion helped us with conducting the above process. Results of interviews were supported by our former experiences.


organic food production; organic area; ecological farming; registered area; interviews; marketing; purchase

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