Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 68, No 4 (2003)

Carcass Composition of Turopolje Pig, the Autochthonous Croatian Breed

Marija ĐIKIĆ, Ivan JURIĆ, Stjepan MUŽIĆ, Zlatko JANJEČIĆ

Pages: 249-254


Objective of this research was to establish carcass composition in Turopolje pig breed by analyzing the percentage of muscle (M), fat (F) and bone (B) tissue, percentage of these tissues in different parts of carcass (ham, loin, back, neck, belly-rib part . BRP), as well as share of the parts in carcass. Animals were divided into two groups of different age and slaughtering weight (TI 584 ± 20 days and 81,9 kg; TII 679 ± 20 days and 100,3 kg ± 4,9 kg). Purpose of this investigation was to define the standards for traits mentioned for the remainder of the population of Turopolje pig and to set the selection and production programs, as this breed has been under protection since 1993 and re-establishment since 1996 as cultural and biological heritage of Croatia and the World. In order to define Turopolje pig in production sense, we presented characteristics of the old breeds Mongolitza and Black Slavonian and some selected breeds. Pigs were fattened in the outdoor system of flood forests and marsh meadows biocenosis (Quercus robur . Deschampsietum caespitosae), according to traditional Croatian technology of low input (Ðikić et al., 2002).
Slaughtering weight and weight of warm and cold carcass were measured on the slaughtering line. The halves were separately weight and dissected (tissues and parts) according to Weninger et al., 1963 and by total dissection. Data were processed by statistical-mathematical procedure GSM and SAS software package (1996) and results were compared within and between the groups ( t-test).
In groups TI and TII the percentages tissues in carcass were established to be as follows: M 38.2% and 40.5%, B 10.6% and 9.7%, respectively, and were significantly different ( P< 0.05), while share of F, 34.2% and 33.8% were not significantly different.
Fattened pigs in group TI, in relation to TII, had lower relative share of muscle tissue in the carcass of loin, back, neck and BRP and higher share of fat tissue of neck and BRP, as well as bone tissue of leg and loin. Muscle : fat tissue relation established for groups TI i TII (1.02 :1 and 1.07 :1) are higher than in Mongolitza, but lower than in Black Slavonian pig and selected breeds.


Turopolje pig; breed; carcass composition; muscle; fat; bone; tissue

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