Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 86, No 3 (2021)

Sustainable Waste Management and the Impact of the Tourism Sector on Environmental Pollution


Pages: 271-276



Tourism is one of the most important economic activity in Croatia. At the same time tourism sector has a major impact on the environment, which is especially expressed through an increase in the amount of waste generated during the tourist season. Environmental pollution in tourist areas is a common problem due to the large number of people and due to the various activities. Inadequate disposal of waste from hotels and rest areas leads not only to environmental pollution but also to health problems related to pests and infectious diseases. The problem of sustainable waste management is a slight resistance and misunderstanding by entrepreneurs in tourism, due to the common popular opinion that the most important thing is to make a big profit. Environmental protection comes last, although there are many examples of corporate social responsibility and environmental investment in tourism. Such an example is the company Ilirija d.d. In the case study their business and their activities related to waste management were investigated. The goal of the paper is to analyze the amount of waste produced for one year and explore the extent to which Ilirija resort d.d. business is environmentally responsible. The aim is also to investigate the impact of the tourism sector on environmental pollution and the role of waste generated in the this sector in the ecological crisis. The quantities of waste produced in 2018 were monitored and analyzed throughout all twelve months compared to the number of overnight stays. The following data collection methods were used in this study: review of company documents, interviews, surveys and field observations. The results have shown that the increase in the number of tourists increases the amount of waste during the tourist season, as well as preparations for the new season. In conclusion, guidelines and proposed measures for waste reduction will be given.



environmental pollution, waste, tourism sector

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