Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 86, No 1 (2021)

Changes in Vegetation and Soil Properties - A Case Study of a Quartz Quarry


Pages: 13-19


The paper presents results of an investigation on Technosols. The soils are located in “Podgumer” quartz quarry, village of Podgumer, district of Sofia, Bulgaria. Samples were collected upon deposit, 5 and 9 years after deposit. A phytocenological description was made 5 years after deposit and 9 years after deposit. Soil samples were taken from forty-five soil pits at a depth of 0-20 cm. The vegetation in the area is related to the rhizome - leguminous stage. There are statistically significant differences (a downward trend) in the bulk density of the samples collected 5 and 9 years after deposit. There is a statistically significant increase in total porosity after the establishment of vegetation. The presence of vegetation also results in statistically significant changes in the chemical characteristics (pH, SOM, TKN, P2O5, K2O). The establishment of vegetation and the increase in plant diversity result in the increase in TKN, P2O5, K2O, where existing changes have been described using reliable linear regressions.


technogenic soils, vegetation, soil physical and chemical changes, regression, quartz quarry

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