Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 69, No 2-3 (2004)

The Effect of Fertilization and Limingon Some Soil Chemical Properties of Eutric Gleysol

Ivica KISIĆ, Ferdo BAŠIĆ, Milan MEŠIĆ, Anđelko BUTORAC, Željka VAĐIĆ

Pages: 43-49


The effect of different rates of mineral and organic fertilizers, liming and twotypes of zeolite tuffs upon the changes in the soil chemical complex were monitored in an exact field trial set up on Eutric Gleysol near Karlovac in Central Croatia. The trial was set up according to the randomized block method with four replications. The four-year investigations revealed a significant increase in pH values in treatments with hydrated lime, as well as in variants in which special natural amendments based on zeolite tuffs were applied. The applied rates of liming materials led to a significant increase in the base saturation of the cation exchange capacity as well as in content of investigation nutrients - phosphorus and potassium. While organic fertilizers and zeolite tuffs had less effect on changes of the studied parameters, significantly greater changes of the studied parameters (pH, cation exchange capacity, content of phosphorus and potassium) were recorded in treatments in which the hydrated lime was combined with mineral fertilizers.


Liming; Fertilization; Zeolite tuffs; Soil chemical properties

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