Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 70, No 1 (2005)

Effects of Irrigation on Cropping of 'Elstar', 'Golden Delicious', 'Idared' and 'Jonagold' Apple Trees

Zlatko ČMELIK, Stanislav TOJNKO

Pages: 17-20


Four apple cultivars grafted on M9 rootstock were grown at high density (‘Elstar’ and ‘Jonagold’ 2500 trees/ha, ‘Idared’ and ‘Golden Delicious’ 3000 trees/ha). The trial was designed as split-block comprising two treatments (irrigation without fertilisers, and control - without irrigation and without fertilisers) and two timing variants of irrigation (from 1 May - 20 June – variant A, and from 1 May to 1 August – variant B). The treatments were imposed beginning in the second year after planting and lasted eight years (1992-1999). Cumulative yield of ‘Elstar’ was increased with irrigation, and index of alternate bearing was decreased. ‘Golden Delicious’ achieved the best results when was irrigated from 1 May to 20 June. Cumulative yield and percentage of bienniality of ‘Idared’ was not affected by irrigation. Irrigation had no consistent influence on cumulative yield of ‘Jonagold’, but increased degree of alternate bearing.


Malus x domestica; dynamic of yield; cumulative yield; alternate bearing

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