Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 70, No 4 (2005)

Characterisation of Non-recognized Maternal Lines of the Croatian Lipizzan Horse Using Mitochondrial DNA


Pages: 113-119


Under the assumption that some of the unrecognized Lipizzan lines originate from one of the classical female lines, the main goal of this studies was to prove that stud book data was not kept adequately. Since in the framework of LIF the conducted INCO Copernicus project „Biotechnical methods in the maintenance of genetic diversity of the Lipizzan horse breed“ comprised the research of the genetic structure of the entire studfarm Lipizzan horse population in European national stud farms, it was possible to compare its results to the results of this research and confirm or disprove set hypothesis. Analysed mares in the stud books of the Stud Farm of Ðakovo are introduced as representatives of five families: Beba – Elza, Cura – Lela, Lenica – Lasta, Liza – Cica and Liza – Pliva. Characterising of mitochondrial genome has confirmed negligent record keeping of origin in private breeding. Some non-recognised families are descendants of recognised Lipizzan families. Haplotype Allegra is found in the family of Liza-Cica-Pliva, and haplotype Capriola in the family of Cura-Lela. Both haplotypes are very common in the Lipizzaner breed and inherent to classic Lipizzan families.


Lipizzan horse breed; private breeding; non-recognized female lines; mitochondrial DNA

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