Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 84, No 2 (2019)

Production of Forage Maize Yield under the Zinc Foliar Fertilization and Irrigation System

Adrijana FILIPOVIĆ, Goran STANIĆ, Nikolina KAJIĆ, Ana MANDIĆ, Višnja VASILJ

Pages: 159-164


The objective of presented study was to evaluate the effects of zinc foliar fertilizer and drip irrigation system on some qualitative and quantitative parameters of forage maize. Soil water deficit, drought and unbalanced fertilization are the main reasons maize grain and forage yields decrease. In this trial, the basic NPK fertilization was applied on basis of soil analysis with additional foliar application of zinc at the fifth leaf stage. Trial was set up as complete randomized design in three replications. The zinc foliar treatment with or without irrigation system gave up to 18% higher yield compared to the control treatment. Other parameters such as hectoliter mass (1.12%), nitrogen yield content (6.25%), phosphorus (13.51%), potassium (5.38%) and zinc content (70%) had higher recorded values in treatment with included foliar zinc fertilization and irrigation system compared to the control. The foliar zinc applications had positive effect on measured parameters along with drip irrigations system. However, it is necessary to establish the economic justification for introducing an irrigation system in the production of forage maize.


forage maize, zinc availability, zinc deficiency, nutritional quality

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