Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 84, No 4 (2019)

Fermented Feed as a Potential Source of Natural Antioxidants for Broiler Chickens – A Mini Review

Sugiharto SUGIHARTO, Turrini YUDIARTI, Isroli ISROLI, Endang WIDIASTUTI, Hanny Indrat WAHYUNI, Tri Agus SARTONO

Pages: 313-318


As a consequence of genetic selection for fast growth rate, broiler chickens are particularly susceptible to oxidative stress. Such stress may cause metabolic disfunctions, tissue disruption and pathologies that adversely affect broiler performance. Other than synthetic antioxidants that potentially harm human health (as consumers), fermented feed has gained increasing interest from nutritionist as a source of natural antioxidants for broiler chickens. The present review focuses on the effect of fermentation on antioxidative properties of substrates as well as the effect of feeding fermented feed or feed ingredients on the antioxidative status of broiler chickens. Besides improving the nutritional characteristics, fermentation can be cheap and simple means to improve the antioxidant capacity of feed or feed ingredients. It is also apparent from the literature that feeding fermented feed or feed ingredients is beneficial in balancing pro-oxidants and antioxidants and thereby improving the antioxidative status and preventing the oxidative damage in broilers. Likewise, fermented feed improves the oxidative stability and thus meat quality of broilers. Overall, fermented feed or feed ingredients can be the effective and safe alternatives to synthetic antioxidants for broiler chickens.


antioxidative status, broilers, fermentation, oxidative stress

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