Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 84, No 1 (2019)

Characteristics of elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) fruit

Naela COSTICA, Anisoara STRATU, Irina BOZ, Elvira GILLE

Pages: 115-122


The purpose of this paper is to highlight certain characteristics of the fruits of Sambucus nigra L. harvested from five different locations in Iasi County (N-E Romania). The following features were considered: histological (epicarp and mesocarp analysis), morphological (number of fruits, fruits fresh weight), physicochemical (refractometric index and total soluble solid substances - TSS) and biochemical (water and dry matter content, total mineral elements). Referring to the histological characteristics, epidermal cells were found to be rectangular, being prominently elongated in sample L2; the size of the hypodermic cells varied according to the analyzed samples and the mesocarp was thick in L1 and thin in L4 and L5. The number of fruits in corymbiform cymes showed value between 126.4±10.66 and 354.4±30.42. The fruits fresh weight showed values between 0.0967 g and 0.1468 g. The fruit harvested from the location 5 are characterized by high values for the parameters number of fruit/ corymbiform cymes, TSS, organic substance, and low values for the content of water and ashes. The above specified parameters indicate specific variations related to the fruits source location, a high content in water and solid matter, a moderate content in mineral elements, and a strong negative correlation between the water content and the soluble solid matter content.


Sambucus nigra, epicarp and mesocarp structure, biochemistry

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