Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 71, No 4 (2006)

Influence of Different Technologies on the Competitiveness of Strawberry Production in Croatia

Jasna ČAČIĆ, Miroslav TRATNIK, Dražen ČAČIĆ, Dragan KOVAČEVIĆ

Pages: 181-186


In this paper, two production technologies are compared for the production of strawberries: the two-year technology used in Croatia and the one-year technology used in Germany. The goal of this comparison is to determine the influence of different technologies on competitiveness of production. Research was conducted in agricultural businesses in both Croatia and Germany. A policy analysis matrix (PAM) was created and coefficients calculated using the domestic resource cost (DRC) method. Results showed that production of strawberries in Croatia, with the use of the two year production technology (technology A) is at the very boundary of competitiveness (DRC=1.01). However, if this technology is replaced with the one-year production technology used in Germany (technology B), production becomes more competitive (DRC=0.64). The DRC coefficient shows that the production of strawberries using technology B has comparative advantages over technology A, and that altering the technology of strawberry production in Croatia would increase the competitiveness of strawberry production in family run farms.


different technologies; competitiveness; Croatia; strawberry production; DRC coefficient

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