Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 71, No 4 (2006)

Cold Stored Tray Plants in Open Field Cultivation of Strawberries

Boris DURALIJA, Tihomir MILIČEVIĆ, Aleš VOKURKA, Aleksandar MEŠIĆ, Tomislav JEMRIĆ, Zlatko ČMELIK

Pages: 167-170


Cold stored strawberry tray plants (TP) are becoming a more popular plant type in soilless strawberry production all over Europe. Due to their higher yield potential, TP plants are suitable for fruit production out of the main season. In this way, the strawberry production is extended to the summer period when the demand for fresh fruit exists. Research was carried out in 2003 and 2004 in the open field near Zagreb. Two types of plant material (TP and ‘frigo’ - F) of late ripening cv. Raurica, were included in the trial. The plants were planted at the end of June 2003,in the period after the main season of the strawberry production in Croatia. White plastic mulch was used to decrease the heating caused by high summer temperatures. The differences between TP and frigo plants in the dynamics of fruit ripening, average weight of the fruit and total yield were investigated in this research. It was found that cold stored tray plants had significantly more fruits and total yield per plant comparing to the frigo plants in the first year of the investigation. No significant difference of researched parameters between TP and F plants was noticed in the second year. Cold stored tray plants in the open field showed great potential and they should be widely used in production of strawberry fruits out of season.


Fragaria x ananassa Duch.; yield; frigo plants

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