Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 83, No 1 (2018)

The Impact of Various Soil Tillage Methods on Soil Physical Properties in Grain Maize Stands

Lubomír NEUDERT, Vladimír SMUTNÝ

Pages: 99-104


The technology of differentiated soil tillage contributes significantly reduction of costs and energy along with ecological requirements. Different soil tillage technologies have a different effect on the physical state of soil. Different soil tillage technologies – ploughing, deep loosening (0.30 m by deep cultivator), no-till, loosening (0.25 m by chisel cultivator), strip-till were compared. The results showed a positive influence of strip tillage. It is a compromise between the traditional technology and intensive loosening and sowing into untilled soil. The strip being loosened affects positively the physical properties of the soil and facilitates maize stand establishment and its development. The untilled strip supports more efficient water management and soil protection. As the row spacing increases, of course, the percentage of soil surface covered with mulch is increasing. The soil protection effect can be also achieved by soil tillage done in non-freezing or freezing catch crops in the agriculture practice. Strip tillage therefore can be a suitable alternative for the establishment of wide-row crops.



grain maize; differentiated soil tillage; soil properties; soil compaction

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