Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 82, No 2 (2017)

The Effect of Pinzgauer Introgression on the Red Pied Sided Coat Colour of Cika Cattle


Pages: 83-87


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the proportion of Pinzgauer cattle in the pedigree of the Cika cattle on the coat colour pattern. Both breeds share similar pied sided coat colour pattern. A total of 66 male and 237 female animals, aged from 4 days to 13.1 years were included in the study. Th e width of the white stripes on the back, on the rump, on the front and on the rear legs were measured with the tape. Th e red basic coat colour intensity was performed by Minolta CR-300 Chroma meter using CIE (L*a*b) colour system at three parts of the body (shoulder, rare ribs, round). All animals were measured in the spring after housing period. The GLM procedure (SAS/STAT) considered fixed effect of sex and the proportion of Pinzgauer cattle in the pedigree of each Cika animal as linear regression. The effect of sex significantly affected the width of white stripes on the back, rump and rear legs as well as the red colour intensity (a*). Females had significantly wider white stripes and more intensively red coat colour than males. The effect of the Pinzgauer proportion in the pedigree of Cika was found significantly related to white stripes on the back and rump as well as in all three coat colour parameters (L*a*b). White stripes on the back and rump significantly increased, while values of L* (lightness), a* (redness) and b* (yellowness) significantly decreased with increased Pinzgauer proportion in the pedigree. Introgressed Cika animals with Pinzgauer had wider white stripes on the back and rump as well as darker coat colour with less intensively red and yellow shades. Th e results comply with an eye evidence of differences in the coat colour pattern according to sex and pedigree data. However, genetic characterisation found introgression of other breeds besides Pinzgauer in some Cika animals, which could influence the coat colour as well.


Cika, Pinzgauer, coat colour pattern, red pied sided, white stripe

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