Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 81, No 2 (2016)

The ground beetle fauna (Coleoptera) of apple orchard in Croatia

Ivana PAJAČ ŽIVKOVIĆ, Božena BARIĆ, Tomislav KOS, Helena SUDA, Tomislav JEMRIĆ, Mladen FRUK, Darija LEMIĆ

Pages: 103-107


The ground beetle fauna was studied in IPM apple orchard in northwest part of Croatia (Krapina). Carabids were sampled by pitfall trapping in the year of 2015 from July 1st until October 15th. A total of 183 individuals belonging to 17 species and 9 genera were collected. The most abundant species, with the proportion of almost 55% in the total catch, was Pterostichus melas melas Creutzer, 1799 followed by Carabus coriaceus coriaceus Linne, 1758 (18.03%) and Calathus fuscipes graecus Dejean, 1831 (4.92%). This three species account for about 80% of the total catch. The apple orchard ground beetle community can be characterized as having relatively low diversity, dominated by nonspecific (eurytopic) species of open habitats which are highly tolerant to anthropogenic influence. Presented results confirm that carabid population dynamics is strongly influenced by climatic conditions (air and soil temperatures).


Carabidae, pitfall trap, diversity, IPM

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