Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 80, No 2 (2015)

Effect of Organic Fertilizers on Soil Chemical Properties on Vineyard Calcareous Soil

Tomislav KARAŽIJA, Tomislav ĆOSIĆ, Boris LAZAREVIĆ, Tea HORVAT, Marko PETEK, Igor PALČIĆ, Nevenka JERBIĆ,

Pages: 79-84


Organic fertilizers are an important contribution of organic matter that modify the physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of the soil. The aim of investigation was to determine the effect of different organic fertilization on soil chemical properties on vineyard calcareous soil. Two-year fertilization trial was carried out in the Plešivica wine-growing region, in a 10-year old vineyard, cv. Sauvignon White grafted on Kobber 5BB rootstock, planted on soil with quite high pH for grapevine growing. The trial was performed according to randomize complete block design with 6 treatments (unfertilized, farmyard manure 20 t ha-1 and 40 t ha-1, peat 20 000 L ha-1 and 40 000 L ha-1, NPK 5-20-30 500 kg ha-1+200 kg UREA ha-1) in 4 repetitions. Statistically significant differences in soil reaction (pH) in plowing layer (0-30 cm) were found among fertilization treatments in the second year of studies. In the plowing layer (0-30 cm) in both years of the study significant differences between the values of average total nitrogen content and available phosphorus as well were found, while there were no significant differences in the subplowing layer (30-60cm). Regarding to average value of fertilization treatment, statistically significant difference in the content of available potassium in plowing layer were found in the both investigated years, while in subplowing layer statistical differences were found in the first year of investigation only. Therefore, fertilization with different organic fertilizers significantly influenced the most of studied chemical properties of the soil, especially in plowing layer (0-30 cm).


chemical properties, farmyard manure, organic matter, peat, vineyard

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