Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 76, No 3 (2011)

Monitoring of Physicochemical Changes in Frozen Fish Muscle Tissue

František JEŽEK, Hana BUCHTOVÁ

Pages: 201-204


The aim of the study was to monitor physicochemical parameters (pH, nitrogen trimethylamine N-TMA, total volatile basic nitrogen TVBN, free fatty acids FFA, peroxide value and thiobarbituric acid assay TBA) of postmortal changes in muscle tissue of silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) during a period of storage at -18°C. Fresh silver carp samples and samples aft er three, six, nine and 12 months of storage were tested. The degree of acidification during the experiment was insignificant (P > 0.05). Proteolytic changes were almost stopped and TVBN levels remained unchanged (P > 0.05), while N-TMA levels fluctuated significantly (P < 0.01) between months 3 and 12. The essential were lipid hydrolysis and oxidation, which caused a significant increase in FFA values (5.89 ± 0.99% total lipids as oleic acid), peroxides (9.90 ± 2.83 mekv and TBA values (50.76 ± 31.52 mg The shelf life recommended for silver carp was set at three months.


fish; storage; rancidity; shelf life

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