Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 63, No 3 (1998)

The Influence of Increased Moisture on the Velocity of Drying, Dynamic Properties and Fluidization of Sunflower Seed


Pages: 129-137


After following the consumption of energy in the process of drying cereals and oil plants throughout a number of years, it has been noticed that numerous factors have had an impact upon this process. This paper deals with the influence of increased moisture on the process of drying sunflower seed and consequently, on the overall consumption of energy expressed in tons of petrol equivalents (TEP). It has been concluded that, due to the mentioned reasons, the consumption of energy (TEP) has increased by approximately 20%.
In addition, the following mathematical model for water evaporation from sunflower seed has been calculated:
y = 23.298 - 1.174x + 0.018x2 , with R2 = 0.9838
The results of the research have shown a decrease in the volume of sunflower seed which can be expressed as ?V = 15.98%, with the minimum reduction of 8.91% and the maximum one of 22.90%. As a result of this, the pressure drops in the dryer varied a lot, from 300 to 400 Pa; in other words, the velocity of airflow during the period of fluidization differed from 1.61 m/s to 2.96 m/s.


sunflower; moisture content; drying velocity; breakage susceptibility

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