Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus, Vol 84, No 4 (2019)

Wishes versus Capacities: Organic Farmers and Potential for Cooperation

Nataša BOKAN, Marina ŠTAMBUK, Đurđica ŽUTINIĆ

Pages: 407-415


The aim of this research was to identify the potential for cooperation and association among organic farmers. We measured the level of trust of organic farmers towards different social groups, their collaboration experience and their willingness to associate. We conducted the survey in six counties of North-Western Croatia on a sample of 77 organic farms, using the structured and personal interview survey method. The results showed that organic farmers generally have no formal agricultural education and that they gain most of their specialised knowledge through informal training. Although most of them cooperate with other organic farmers, their cooperation is based only on the exchange of experience in production. They show a low level of trust in key agricultural services and institutions as well as towards people in general, but nevertheless, they want to cooperate with other organic farmers. Furthermore, the results show that the desire for mutual cooperation of organic farmers is related to good cooperation and a higher level of trust in local government and other organic farmers. The survey also highlights the many obstacles faced by organic farmers that can be overcome by coordinating institutional logistic support, which would increase the prospects for their association and business networking, and thus facilitate a more prosperous development of organic production.


organic farmers, level of trust, willingness to associate, cooperation

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